After Sales Service

2018-07-02 18:26:29

Q: Warranty?

A:The whole machine has one year limited warranty,except for the consumables,the circuit board warranty for one year.

Q: how do I get service support?

A: Zooyee is doing its best to provide timely and convenient service support to customers!

The services include pre-sales technical consultation, on-site installation, operation technical training, application solution training and troubleshooting support.You can get service support from the dealers in our area.

Q: what are the site requirements for equipment installation?

A: Zooyee provides equipment installation guidance for each customer. Please prepare the reference guide.Here are some requirements:

Requirements: 1, the machine work areas do clean space, the best range of air temperature is 20 to 30 ° C, humidity of the air is 30-70.

Clean the air and reduce dust or pollutants.

2. Pre-installation electricity requirements:

A air switch input power is not less than 35 a / 220 v, suggest the smallest wire diameter of the power supply cord single-phase 220 v, more than 4 ㎡, must be properly grounded.The maximum ground voltage shall not exceed 3V after the bottom line is connected.

B voltage stabilizer is recommended for 5000W/ set, delixi is optional.

Q: after purchasing the Zooyee equipment, will there be technicians responsible for on-site installation?

A: for all machines sold, we will arrange experienced technicians to support installation and collaboration when the machines arrive.If the device is sold by Zooyee's dealers, Zooyee will authorize them to send experienced engineers to support installation and collaboration when the machine arrives.Unless otherwise agreed in the contract.

Q: what kind of training does Zooyee provide after purchasing the machine?

A: Zooyee will provide 3 days of installation training, training on machine operation and basic daily maintenance at the machine installation site.

Fees (round-trip air tickets, visa fees;Food and hotel) is client's bill. If the stayed time exceeds 3 days, additional 100 dollars per day for engineer's sallery.

Q: what are the daily maintenance requirements for a Zooyee UV machine?

A: first of all, the requirements of the machine work site should be fulfilled as required.The maintenance of the machine is as follows:

A. The track shall be cleaned once every 30 working days. Clean it with non-woven oil filler and add A little white track grease.

B. Wash the nozzle before normal shutdown, make sure it is not blocked, shut down normally, and apply the plastic wrap to the surface of the nozzle for moisturizing.Keep the machine covered with black cloth for a long time during the holiday.

C. No matter whether there is business or not, at least print the test chart once a day to ensure that the nozzle is in normal condition.

D. The computer is only used for printing and output, not for design.